About Us

We, REWA SOFT, a team dedicated to provide our expert website designing/development and web/ mobile application development services to everyone looking to grow their business, ideas and plans in world wide web market. We are a team of enthusiastic youngsters guided by some seniors/veterans of the industry. We believe in quality service and clients' satisfaction. The concept of REWA SOFT was formulated quite a while ago when few fresh but geek engineers, awesome creative designer and marketing genius met in small tea shop in Kathmandu. Everyone shared their dreams and found out to be similar and then they decided something miraculous and named it REWA SOFT. And, here we are. We have great clients and projects from USA, Canada and Nepal in a very short time.

What we do ?

What we do ? We help you raise the profit of your business by adding the value in your services and products. We do it by letting users to find the reason of their requirements of your services. We create selling machines. The fuel is your content. We help you build the best content for your need